"I greatly look forward to reading it"
Sir David Attenborough

"a must read"
Philip Rodney, The Times (Scotland)

“Carbon Choices show how the climate and biodiversity emergencies can
be solved by common-sense actions by society and individuals. Easy to read and thought provoking”
Professor Emeritus David Sugden, University of Edinburgh

"written in clear and accessible language and is packed with ideas for what individuals, companies and governments can do to tackle the climate and nature crises"
Richard Betts, Sustainability Director, KPMG

"brilliantly written, clear, concise and balanced"
Kevin Albin, author of Stonechild

 "Carbon Choices provides an easy to understand overview of current consensus - it's refreshingly forthright"
Plantlife, Spring 2021

"it's fantastic - so well written, clear and to the point. I'm now recommending Carbon Choices to my audiences when I'm doing talks"
Gloria Barnett, scientist, author and presenter

"I cannot recall seeing another self-published book that follows such high standard"
Arkbound Foundation

"Carbon Choices provides five simple principles that allow everyone to act on climate change - a must read for policy makers, leaders and individuals who want to build a sustainable future". 
Dr Sam Curran, Environmentalist

“Carbon Choices gives food for thought to those of us who want to leave the world in a better place than we found it". 
Colin Webster, Learning Content Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

"I hope Neil’s book will inform and inspire you in equal measure to make the right carbon choices that we all so urgently need to make".
Mike Robinson, Chief Executive,
Royal Scottish Geographical Society

“Carbon Choices is a brilliant source to guide you to make better decisions”. 
Dr Martin Valenti, former vice-chair of Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group

 “Neil tackles climate and nature together to create a stimulating, compelling - and challenging vision for the future”. 
Clive Mitchell, Open University
and Outcome Manager, NatureScot

 “fighting climate change is the single biggest challenge that we all face. Carbon Choices makes practical recommendations that we can all follow”. 
Barry Carruthers, Head of Innovation & Sustainability, Scottish Power

“a practical guide to address climate change through the ways we act and live”. 
Rupert Parkinson, Engineer in the Petrochemical Industry

"it optimistically but realistically outlines the solutions we need to take, creating a vision for a brighter, more sustainable future. Carbon Choices should be required reading for every lawmaker or politician, to implore them to face the gravity of our current climate crisis".
Amelia Huntington, A Level Geography Student

“helpful for students and geography teachers looking for an engaging book without drowning people in science”. 
Professor Sean Smith, Chair of Future Construction, University of Edinburgh

“Neil takes a much needed rational and practical approach and presents the reader with solutions and choices to make decarbonisation a reality”.
Ben Lynam, Head of Communications,
The Travel Foundation

 “Neil lays out the solutions and choices we can take to tackle climate change whether personal behaviour or fixing inadequate legislation.  Carbon Choices should be compulsory reading for young adults at secondary school and further education, and for all government officials too”.
Dave Pearson, Group Sustainable Development Director, Star Refrigeration

 “a commercial and human perspective to solve the seemingly intractable problems of climate change and wildlife destruction”. 
Jim Panton, Managing Director, Panton McLeod

"if you only read one book on climate change make it this one – it will change your life”. 
Eric McRory, Chief Economist with an Environment Protection Agency

"by adopting the ideas Neil has suggested to protect future generations, his book is an accessible, informative and achievable manifesto for a better future which will benefit humanity and the ecosystems that nurture us all”. 
Chris Wood-Gee, former chair of Sustainable Scotland Network

"sharp and clear". 
Osbert Lancaster, Director, Realise Earth

“fascinating breadth of insights”. 

“to understand why we are here and what we can really do about it… Read This”. 
Andrew Smith, Director,
Greenbackers Investment Capital

“well written and spot on”. 
Francesco Sindico, Co-Director Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance

“iIn a clear and concise manner, Carbon Choices tells us about the common-sense principles that can guide us towards a more sustainable future”.
Neil Glasser, Professor of Physical Geography, Aberystwyth University

“Neil shows bold and optimistic vision, bringing together ideas for more rational choices for the long term, grounded in the best examples of behaviour change and innovation”. 
Dr Scot Mathieson, Conservation Policy Officer